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Name We Can't Change The World But, We Wanna Build a School in Cambodia.2011.DVD.x264
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Description We Can't Change The World But, We Wanna Build a School in Cambodia't_Change_The_World_But,_We_Wanna_Build_a_School_in_Cambodia.

Movie: We Can't Change The World But, We Wanna Build a School in Cambodia.
Romaji: Bokutachi wa Sekai wo Kaeru Koto ga Dekinai. But, we wanna build a school in Cambodia.
Japanese: 僕たちは世界を変えることができない。 But, we wanna build a school in Cambodia.
Director: Kenta Fukasaku
Writer: Kota Hada, Shinzuke Yamaoka
Producer: Junichi Kazuki, Naoya Kinoshita, Hirohumi Shigemura, Nagao Hitachi, Isao Tsukamoto, Naoki Kitagawa, Hiroaki Kitano, Takeshi Onod, Gen Sato, Akio Hattori
Cinematographer: Kazuhiro Suzuki
Release Date: September 23, 2011
Runtime: 126 min.
Production Company: Toei, Central Arts
Distributor: Toei
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Subtitles:no available A.T.M

Based on the autobiographical novel "Bokutachi wa Sekai wo Kaeru Koto ga Dekinai" by Kota Hada.

Plot / Synopsis

A young Japanese man named Kota Tanaka (Osamu Mukai) works to raise money and then build an elementary school in Cambodia.
August, 2005 - Kota Tanaka (Osamu Mukai) is a second year medical school student. Kota enjoys his days with friends Tadashi (Tasuku Emoto) and Masayuki (Masataka Kubota), but he also feels something is missing. He starts to think about whether anything changes can be made in his ordinary daily life. One day, by chance, Kota spots a pamphlet for a foreign volunteer guide.
The pamphlet asks for donations. With the donation money, the organization states we can build a school with a roof for kids. As soon as Kota picks up the pamphlet, his world starts to change. Kota sends emails to all of his friends purposing that they build a school in Cambodia. Most of his friends thinks the email is a joke or the idea is impossible to do, but Tadashi, Masayuki and Mitsuru (Tori Matsuzaka) believe in Kota's idea.
The four young men recruit people to join them at a club and hand out pamphlets. They also succeed in having a charity event. Finally, the guys come to a realization that collecting money is not enough. They decide to go to Cambodia.
When they arrive in Cambodia, they are shocked by people who have been injured by landmines and the prevalence of AIDS. When the boys go back to Japan, the IT company president who promised to support their cause is arrested. Because of this, their reputation is ruined ....


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Duration                       : 2h 6mn
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Format/Info                    : Advanced Audio Codec
Format profile                 : LC
Codec ID                       : 40
Duration                       : 2h 6mn
Bit rate mode                  : Constant
Bit rate                       : 240 Kbps
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Channel(s)                     : 2 channels
Channel positions              : Front: L R
Sampling rate                  : 48.0 KHz
Compression mode               : Lossy
Stream size                    : 216 MiB (10%)
Language                       : English


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I am a Cambodian here... hehe
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Thank you soooo much for this upload! I never thought I would find this movie... If the English subtitle is released, I can translate it to Portuguese... not many users here speak Portuguese, I think, but... well, at least there will be one more language available... But for now, can't wait for the english subtitles =)
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I speak Khmer. Anybody still interested in doing the sub? email me at
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if someone wants to sub this but dont know anyone who can speak cambodian and English, i can help u with the subtitle from khmer to english. if u need my help just email at
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14/08/2012 09.19 am

I was looking for this movie! I saw on a plane before go to Cambobia, so it was like a "preview" of the country for me... I really want to show this movie to my friends... just waiting for the english subs... Keep the good work, you rock!
21/07/2012 07.22 pm

I watched this movie on the plane, it's really heartwarming and enlightening! Recommended.
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OMG!!! this is a movie that I will definitely see. not only was i born in cambodia but I've never been there. It's good to see my home country on film.

Thank you so much for the upload!!!! grin.gif