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Name The Return of the Condor Heroes - 1983
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The drama is in Cantonese
The subs are hardcoded in English


  * Title: 神鵰俠侶 / 神雕侠侣
  * Cantonese/Mandarin title: Sun Dil Hap Lui / Shen Diao Xia Lu
  * Also known as: Return of the Condor Heroes 1983
  * Genre: Wuxia
  * Episodes: 50
  * Broadcast network: TVB
  * Broadcast year: 1983

In the Southern Song Dynasty, there is turmoil both externally in the country while infighting and killing among various sects are common in the martial art world. The family of KOWK CHING (LEUNG KA YAN) and WONG YUNG (AU YEUNG PUI SAN) lead a tranquil and peaceful life on Peach Blossom Island. Fate has led CHING to meet YEUNG GOR (ANDY LAU KAK WAH), son of his old friend YEUNG HONG, when he returns to the mainland to look for YUNG's father WONG YEUK SHI. CHING sympathizes with GOR since he is an orphan, and brings him back to the Island.


  * Andy Lau as Yeung Guo
  * Idy Chan as Siu Long Nui
  * Lui Yau Wai as Lee Mok Sau
  * Bryan Leung as Kwok Jing
  * Susanna Au Yeung (歐陽佩珊) as Wong Yung
  * Annie Liu as Kwok Fu
  * Isabella Wong (黃曼凝) as Kwok Seung
  * Simon Yam as Ye Lut Chai
  * Amy Hu as Ye Lut Yin
  * Ken Tong as Fok Do
  * Cheung Lui as Kam Lun Faat Wong
  * Chun Wong as Chow Bak Tong
  * Lau Dan as Hung Chuk Gong
  * Ha Yu as Yau Chu Gai
  * Kenneth Tsang as Wong Yeuk Si

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Coming soon:
The New Heaven Sword And The Dragon Sabre (Tony Leung)
The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils (w/ Felix Wong, Kent Tong, Bryan Leung), and maybe the 97 version as well.

Possibly, State of Divinity, but will not be great quality ...
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17/11/2014 05.51 pm

Thanks so much. Classic TVB drama right here!
15/04/2014 07.48 pm

@subzero4332 : I have been looking for 'the other side of the horizon as well'. It has andy lau. My favourite action emotional wuxia but only available on youtube on a bad print without subs.
19/09/2013 10.14 am

Thanks for sharing
15/08/2013 04.18 pm

Excellent, many thanks uploader & seeders
21/06/2013 11.56 pm

thank you so much. my mom has been looking for this for so long. Thanks!
21/06/2013 11.55 pm

thank you so much. my mom has been looking for this for so long. Thanks!
13/05/2013 09.54 pm

Loving these, thank you muchly!
12/03/2013 09.25 am

A million thanks to you...wink.gif
15/02/2013 06.52 pm

Thank you very much!
30/12/2012 02.26 pm

An awesome series. Thank you very much for the upload. Does anyone know if it's possible to get English subtitles (srt) for Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 (HSDS 2000)?
16/09/2012 10.33 am

i really love this series!! thank you so much smile1.gif
08/08/2012 03.28 pm

Can you please upload, "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" (1978, TVB)
This is the first TV series in the Condor Trilogy.
23/07/2012 10.56 am

Thanks for the classic series!
02/07/2012 10.35 am

Thank you very much. I don't understand Chinese, but your subtitle helps me enjoy the classic series.
22/06/2012 08.39 am

Hi, thanks for this upload.  Does anyone know where to download, The legend of the general who never was?  

11/06/2012 02.45 am

Thank u for uploading and sharing !!!
11/05/2012 06.01 am

This is my favorite series in term of TV Series.smile2.gif
05/05/2012 02.37 pm

cara downloadnya gmn nich
Download Return of the Condor Heroes

26/01/2012 10.57 am

thank u
23/01/2012 03.34 pm

hi can please uoload the blood stained intrigue, brothers under the skin , the other side of the horizon with english subtitles please i have the other side of the horizon but with chinese sub and cantonese language please i beg u
08/07/2011 04.30 am

Kinda been on a prolonged project thats sucking up my bandwidth.  soon enough though
18/06/2011 08.08 am


will you be uploading The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (Tony Leung version)?

22/05/2011 11.26 am

Great upload Handee, any chance of uploading the TVB series The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre from 1986?wink.gif
21/05/2011 07.04 am

Thank you so much for this... My favourite version of the tv series. grin.gif
20/05/2011 04.59 pm

Cool! This is my favourite version of ROCH. Have this boxset on dvd as well.
17/05/2011 06.44 pm

Feel free to convert it yourself.
17/05/2011 12.04 pm

make the video in DIVX, AVI please.
15/05/2011 08.48 pm

It IS the 96 version
I do not have Richie's version of ROCH but I have his 2000 version of State of Divinity :p

I do agree the newest version of ROCH is visually much better, but it just feels lacking.  Netflix actually had the DVDs for rent so I got the first disc to test it out but I found my self falling asleep watching it several times.  

I agree that watching shows in their original intended languages is much much better.  when dubbed into another language, or dialect, something seems to be missing.

I have no clue what you talking about
15/05/2011 12.25 pm

Thanks! I had watched the mandarin version of "The Legend Of The Condor Heroes" (1982 version) and "The Return Of The Condor Heroes" (1983 version) on TV, 15 years ago.
Actually, I prefer to watch Hong Kong TV dramas in original Cantonese dialogue than Mandarin dubbed version.
15/05/2011 11.26 am

@Handee: I Read your note about uploading State of Divinity, is it by any chance the TVB 1996 adaptation??? Its extremely difficult to find that particular version, I so hope you have it!

Also if you have the 1998's version Return of Condor Lovers (Heroes) starring Richie Ren and Wu Chien Lien.  Thanking you loads in advance! grin.gif.

@animepwns: You might want to check this version: This is the newest adaptation of this story, and IMO the and most highly budgeted (with breathtaking sceneries) cool2.gif
15/05/2011 08.37 am

15/05/2011 08.20 am

sorry for my ignorance, but is this dvd or vcd quality?
14/05/2011 11.30 pm

There's not a whole lot of stuff post 2k imo that contains the quality of of acting and story telling like these older shows.  From time to time they might get lucky, but off the top of my head I cannot think of one.

I will check my library and see what I have though :p
14/05/2011 09.26 pm

Tried watching the first one you uploaded, but old series just ain't my thing.

I hope you upload something from atleast >=2000 when you have time :3
I really love this stuff wink.gif
14/05/2011 09.26 pm

The epicness is palpable!

Great series, and kudos for posting!grin.gif
14/05/2011 09.12 pm

wowwwwwiiieeeee!! awesomefullll!!