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Name Gang Rape (2010) 18+ / Eng sub
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Info Hash 1677427e5442809358600b24cd013c537f726a3f
Description WARNING: 18+ PINKU
Contains: Adult Themes | Nudity & Sex Scene

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Genre: Drama, Erotic
Film Rating: Japanese PINKU 18+
Runtime: 1hr 11mn
Also Known As:  
Country: Japan
Language: Japan
Subtitles: English srt
Year: 2010
Ripper: Serial Kisser
Kana Ohno
Zettai Karen
Rico Tachibana

Morisaki is passionate about education, and luckily she is hired as an intern in a private secondary school. To her surprise, Morisaki discovers that a group of her students record sex tapes of her neighbour Takara and force her to offer sex. Principal's grandson Fuji is actually the leader of the gang. Morisaki makes up her mind and punishes them strictly. However, those impenitent students even imprison and rape her. Angry Morisaki vows to take revenge..

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File Format: AVI
Codec: xvid
Resolution: 720x480
Frame Rate: 30fps
Bitrate: 1737Kbps
Aspect: 16:9

Codec: MP3
Bit rate: 192 kbps
Audio sample rate: 48 kHz


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Category Japan - Erotica/+18
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12/03/2015 07.48 pm

look slike great quality. thanks
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Thanks for the share
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Thanks for the share
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05/12/2013 05.21 pm

Is this uncensored?
13/08/2013 02.14 am

Thank you grin.gif
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24/12/2012 09.37 pm

Awesome tongue.gif
29/11/2012 09.19 pm

thank you
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thankyou very much.^^
26/09/2012 01.58 pm

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best ever lol
10/08/2012 04.13 pm

=) nice movie thanks!!tongue.gif
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thanks a bunch btw nice film thumbsup.gif
11/04/2012 02.12 am

hey its my first time here and still don't get how to downlaod videos....

can someone help me?????

thanks in advance
27/03/2012 11.59 am

never seen so many thank you's on one of these before well allow me to add one more.  God damn though.
29/01/2012 11.59 am

thanks for the upload grin.gif
22/01/2012 03.35 pm

16/01/2012 02.42 am

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04/01/2012 09.08 am

Can anyone point me more movies like this? Erotic Drama, with strong sex scenes without too much explicit sexual content? I would apreciate a lot!angel.gif
23/12/2011 11.03 pm

19/12/2011 03.03 pm

thank ugrin.gif
06/12/2011 09.44 pm

is this made or has any connection with the Eroge?
02/12/2011 08.47 pm

thanks for this great torrent grin.gif
30/11/2011 02.29 pm

thanks great torrent^^cool1.gif
29/11/2011 06.21 pm

hopefully no censored =)
28/11/2011 10.08 am

thank you
21/11/2011 02.22 pm

19/11/2011 12.05 pm

can't wait to watch this movie.

kinda a nice movie.
19/09/2011 01.59 am

07/09/2011 01.22 pm

wow. great... thanks
06/09/2011 01.59 pm

than you verymuch
01/09/2011 05.37 pm

The chick is hot but the movie itself is kinda wack... anyways thanks for the upload
29/08/2011 09.26 pm

thanks upload,this movied very cool
27/08/2011 05.42 pm

Thanks, cool movie! smile1.gif
26/08/2011 08.13 pm

how to download here pls...
13/08/2011 10.56 am

TY!!! tongue.gif
13/08/2011 09.23 am

Can't WAIT 2 enjoy, MERCI wink.gif
04/08/2011 09.07 pm

i have this. its a nice video
11/07/2011 05.48 pm

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09/07/2011 12.46 pm

plz anyone add meangel.gif
02/07/2011 01.38 pm

Thank you so much !
16/06/2011 07.31 am

@maxstats69 xbox 360 won't be able to play the movie with srt subtitle, but you can watch it without sub.

PS3 is capable of Toggleable subs muxed in MP4 by pressing triangle to select sub, audio source. Not sure about xbox 360, since i sold it a few months ago confused.gif
13/06/2011 08.04 pm

13/06/2011 09.39 am

It says it can be played in the Xbox 360 but unless there was an update I'm unaware of the 360 can't play .srt files. Is the information in the description incorrect?
12/06/2011 06.33 am

thanks man
11/06/2011 11.25 am

storyline seems rather interesting and unique...downloading....
10/06/2011 08.00 am

thankz for sharing...wink.gif
06/06/2011 03.50 pm

so goodlaugh.gif
02/06/2011 01.30 am

01/06/2011 10.45 am

thx for sharing..
30/05/2011 10.09 pm

Awesome Up!! Thanks!smile1.gif
30/05/2011 06.25 am

Very gooood!
30/05/2011 02.51 am

Da808wizard look up the word 'leecher'. Then look up the rules to this site. Then look at your status.
29/05/2011 07.32 am

Riko Tachibana is a beautiful AV actress.

Nice to see her in a softcore.
29/05/2011 05.43 am

It's not a JAV so people, kindly please stop reporting it as such. Know the difference between JAV and Pinku. Pinku is basically softcore with a story, even if its dumb. JAV has no story at all, just gratitious sex.
28/05/2011 08.48 pm

why my download doesnt start
27/05/2011 08.43 pm

27/05/2011 10.32 am

and the question still, sure this ain't JAV ?

just kidding. grin.gif

27/05/2011 09.17 am

the water mark is only 5 sec long inserted in the start and at the end.
marukomu prety much explain why i put it in there.
27/05/2011 04.48 am

Adding his name to the subtitles and to the rip could be a reaction to people who rip other peoples' custom work and then add their name to the rip when all they did was download it from somewhere and stick it in handbrake or something. That way, he gets the credit wherever the file may end up.
Some of the stuff I did was put on here with credit to me but someone elses name added to the encode. When it gets upped at places like demonoid etc, my name is then lost and someone else then gets the credit for the many hours I put into it.
Maybe I will start doing the same thing.
27/05/2011 03.50 am

Agree that watermarks like that are lame. (I also hate those people who do continuous reminders through the subs about who subbed it.)

Not sure if it violates the rules though. It isn't a referral scheme, and it doesn't run right through the film.

If I were making the rules, I'd probably ban it, but I just enforce 'em.
27/05/2011 02.35 am

This narcissist put a watermark in the beginning and end of the movie, "Ripped by Serial_Kisser."

Pretty much ruins the movie if you planned on keeping it.
26/05/2011 11.34 pm

Thank you Serial_Kisser_.
Greetings from flowerpower1946 in Holland.clover.gif
26/05/2011 10.54 pm

Just wondering.... Is this censored? smile1.gif But luv hot babes like her though ^^
26/05/2011 05.38 pm

Fix the images to use proper scaling.
26/05/2011 05.18 pm

thanks for the share
26/05/2011 05.08 pm

>Rico Tachibana

You sure this is not JAV?

Anyway,downloading like a fist of North Star
26/05/2011 04.41 pm

Riko tachibana? cooool but must censoredohmy.gif
26/05/2011 04.28 pm

This almost sound like JAV. grin.gif