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Name Doji Morita - Mother Sky (album)
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Description "One stumbling block for Japanese folk is the form's inherent reliance on storytelling, an element that obviously suffers from language barriers. However, no understanding of Japanese is necessary to understand that opening track "ぼくたちの失敗," ("Bokutachi No Shippai" ) is about regret (it translates into "We Failed," in case you're wondering.) Doji's most famous song, it starts with a gentle, ghostly piano part, soon melding with her fragile, echoey, sad little girl vocals.  When the arrangement opens up, even the (relatively) bright strings are drenched in sadness.

And that's the happy song. The remainder of "Mother Sky" never strays far from that sonic template: acoustic guitar, weeping strings, piano, and Doji's tragic, crying ghost of a voice. Bass and percussion are mostly absent, excluding the final track, "今日は奇跡の朝です" (translates roughly into "This Morning Is A Miracle." ) Don't let the optimistic sound of that translation fool you: while it's by far the most energetic track on here, it's the energy of a doomed soul, rushing back into the darkness. Angry, spectral backing vocals straight from an Ennio Morricone spaghetti western soundtrack wail as plaintive violins slash through what small shred of hope might remain."

artist: Doji Morita
title: Mother Sky
type: album
label: Polydor
release date: 1976
length: 33:08
genre: folk/singer-songwriter
country: Japan
language: Japanese
format: mp3
bitrate: vbr (~190kbps avg)
codec: lame 3.93

Written and performed by Doji Morita
Arranged by Takahiko Ishikawa (tracks 1-4, 6-8 ), The Fortune Teller (track 5), J.A. Seazer (tracks 9-10)
Takahiko Ishikawa - guitar

1. ぼくたちの失敗 [Bokutachi No Shippai]
2. ぼくと観光バスに乗ってみませんか [Boku To Kanko Bus Ni Notte Mimasen Ka]
3. 伝書鳩 [Denshobato]
4. 逆光線 [Gyakko-sen]
5. ピラビタール [Pirabital]
6. 海を見たいと思った [Umi O Mitai To Omotta]
7. 男のくせに泣いてくれた [Otoko No Kuse Ni Naite Kureta]
8. ニューヨークからの手紙 [New York Kara No Tegami]
9. 春爛漫 [Haru Ranman]
10. 今日は奇蹟の朝です [Kyo Wa Kiseki No Asa Desu]
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