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Name Kim Kwang Seok Best - 2CD Set (2005)
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Description Kim Kwang Suk (January 22, 1964 – January 6, 1996) was a Korean folk/rock singer. He made his debut with singer Kim Min Gi in 1984. Kim Kwang Suk also collaborated as a vocalist for the band Dong Mool Won, but maintained incredible popularity after beginning his solo career. He is noted for his clear vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica skills. He passed away on January 6, 1996 by committing suicide. (Source: Wikipedia)

This is an oldie, so don't expect any trendy K Pop tunes. This is what good folk/pop music was like in the 90's and prior. Many were hits, and some were featured in movies. A Private's Letter (CD1 Track 3) was featured in Chan Wook Park's JSA, and my personal favorite of his music. You may not like the whole album, but you should try it out at least for some variety. You can also boast you know some Korean Oldies!

Track Listing:
CD 1
1. Jajanga (Luluby)
2. Sarangiran Eyuro (In the Name of Love)
3. Edungbyungue Pyunjee (A Private's Letter)
4. Byunhaeganae (Changing)
5. Hurin Gaul Hanulae Pyunjeerul Ssu (Writing a Letter on a Cloudy Autumn Sky)
6. Saranghetjiman (However I loved)
7. Nuaegae (To you)
8. Gidaryujuah (Wait For Me)
9. Unu Yookshipdae Nobubu Eyagi (A 60's Couple's Story)
10. Nae Saramiyu (To My Love)
11. Gunyuga Chum Uldun Nal (The First Day She Cried)
12. Barami Booruonun Got (Where the Wind Blows)

CD 2
1. Naue Norae (My Song)
2. Malhajee Mothan Nae Sarang (My Secret Love)
3. Ejuhya Handanun Maumuro (In a Mentality to Forget)
4. Gureeaesu (On the Street)
5. Surun Jumae (When I was About 30)
6. Jayurobgae (Freely)
7. Munjeega Dweuh (As Dust)
8. Waesarang (One Way Love)
9. Sulpun Norae (Sad Song)
10. Numoo Apun Sarangun Sarangi Aniyutsumul (For Heartbreaking Love Was Not Love At All)
11. Namoo (Tree)
12. Iluna (Wake Up)

All tracks are in Korean. I have provided the phonetic pronunciation as well as their approximate translation of each title above. Although I do speak, write, and understand Korean, I have no idea whether the poetic meaning is correct or not. They are not official titles so please use them as reference. I also included 200x200 album art which should register into your Zune or Ipod automatically upon transfer. This is my first torrent so please be easy on me if there is anything I forgot or have done wrong. Enjoy the music! cool2.gif

Details and Specifications:
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Source: Audio CD
Genre: K-Pop, Folk, 80's, 90's
Running Time: CD 1 - 48m 11s, CD 2 - 57m 16s
Format: MP3
Encoder: LAME 3.98 (Ripped from audio CD) by Winamp 5.56
Bit Rate: 256 kbps VBR
Sample Size: 16bit
Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz
Channels: 2 (Stereo)
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14/01/2014 11.10 am

much thanks for this awesome album
17/10/2012 11.28 am

Thank you very much for this!
22/06/2011 01.11 pm

Thanks a million for this upload. I can't tell you how much I have been looking for this. The songs by Kim Kwang Seok are heart-warming. There is nothing ever that I have heard that has been so touching. RIP Kim Kwang Seok.
15/02/2011 06.07 pm

Made an AvistaZ account for this one. Thanks so much!smile2.gif
20/12/2010 06.17 am

thanks for sharing laugh.gif
18/12/2010 08.02 pm

Kim Kwang Seok is one in a lifetime!

I could upload his My Way Collection if anyone is interested?
18/12/2010 06.55 pm

thanks so much for sharing this album. i love Kim Kwang Seok and have managed to buy some of his albums and dvds with his live performances. I came to know about him because of the movie Joint Security Area and A Private's Letter has remained one of my most favourites too.
18/12/2010 04.19 pm

Thank you for ur effort and wishing u a merry christmas wave.gif
18/12/2010 12.43 pm

Should have clarified, but the translations and pronunciations are for the titles of the tracks only, not the lyrics.