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Description DBSK-TVXQ-Banjun Dramas


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Dangerous Love (DVDRip)

After a photoshoot in a secluded, forested area, all five band members are told to rest in the house they are staying at. Xiah, who desperately wants to play football, drags Max outside to play with him. Both get hurt and are rescued by a mysterious girl, who provides a place for them to heal from their injuries. However, they soon discover that she will not let them leave. Back at the main house, Micky is in his own world, extremely worried about his lost band-mates. Hero, after reading a fanfiction about his supposed romantic relationship with U-Know, becomes anxious about why U-Know is suddenly being extremely nice to him.
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Finding Lost Time (DVDRip)

Micky and Lee Sung Min had been good friends since forever until one day when both stumble upon a beautiful girl, named Soo-Hyun, playing a flute. As a result of the time the three spend together, both boys fall in love with her. Micky decides to write a song for her expressing his feelings. However, when Micky is about to give her the music, he sees her giving a special gift to Sung Min. He decides to move away and meets Soo-Hyun again many years later, who tells him that Sung Min is dead. Slowly, the story reveals itself.
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First Love (TVRip)

Micky and U-Know both fall in love with the same girl at school, Jun Hye Bin, and must fight for her love. Who will she choose?!...
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The Masked Fencer (TVRip)

During a time of slaves and fencers in Ancient Korea, U-Know is the heir to a rich family and is to marry a rich girl; however, his fiancee loves someone else: Micky, the masked fencer. Micky works for U-Know's family and is also his best friend. After going through some events, U-Know discovers that his best friend has also fallen for his fiancee and becomes furious, developing a plan to separate the two.
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The Uninvited Guest (DVDRip)

Someone has deleted all the TVXQ's recordings so that they have to re-record everything. Soon afterwards, threatening letters appear, the boys' concert outfits are torn, and U-Know's underpants are stolen. Together the boys must use the clues and solve the mystery.
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Unforgettable Love (DVDRip)

While U-Know happily goes on a date, Hero, Micky, Max and Xiah talk about their first loves, revealing mystery, humour, tears and danger.
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* Xiah Junsu
* Max ChangMin
* Micky Yoochun
* Hero JaeJoong
* U-Know Yunho
Guest Stars
* Lee Sung Min - Super Junior
* Hong Soo Hyun - Only You(TV), Dae Jo Yeong(TV), Sang Doo, Let's Go To School(TV)
* Jun Hye Bin - Witch Yoo Hee(TV)

Genre..........Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, Horror, Thriller
Video..........1000bps H264 for DVDRips ??? for TVRips
Audio..........128Kbps AAC for DVDRips
Frame rate.....23Fps
Subtitles......English Hardcoded
Ripper.........MoST for the DVDRips
Source.........TVRip (First Love, The Masked Fencer)
...............DVD (Dangerous Love, Finding Lost Time, The Uninvited Guest, Tokyo Holiday, Unforgettable Love)

Thanks to taewon for the DVD thumbsup.gif

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*Doesn't Include The King's Man
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