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Name 49 Days (2011) Complete (eng subbed)
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Title: 49 Days
AKA: 49일 / 49 Il
Genre: Fantasy, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2011-Mar-16 to TBA
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Subtitles: English (mkv embedded)

Lee Yo Won as Song Yi Kyung
Nam Gyu Ri as Shin Ji Hyun
Jo Hyun Jae as Han Kang
Bae Soo Bin as Kang Min Ho
Jung Il Woo as scheduler
Seo Ji Hye as Shin In Jung
Choi Jung Woo as Shin Il Shik (Ji Hyun's father)
Yoo Ji In as Ji Hyun's mother
Bae Geu Rin as Park Seo Woo
Son Byung Ho as Oh Hae Won
Moon Hee Kyung as Bang Hwa Joon
Kang Sung Min as No Kyung Bin
Yoon Bong Gil (윤봉길) as Cha Jin Young
Kim Ho Chang as Ki Joon Hee
Jin Ye Sol as Ma Soon Jung
Lee Jong Min (이종민) as Go Mi Jin

2011 SBS Drama Awards:
   PD Award (Lee Yo Won)
   Top Ten Stars Award (Lee Yo Won)

A young woman named Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to be married with her fiancé, but her perfect life is shattered in a car accident that left her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store.

Complete name                    : 49.Days.E01.HDTV.X264.450p.mkv
Format                           : Matroska
File size                        : 222 MiB
Duration                         : 1h 5mn
Overall bit rate                 : 474 Kbps
Encoded date                     : UTC 2011-04-09 01:40:54
Writing application              : mkvmerge v3.4.0 ('Rapunzel') built on May 15 2010 09:38:20
Writing library                  : libebml v0.8.0 + libmatroska v0.9.0

ID                               : 1
Format                           : AVC
Format/Info                      : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile                   : High@L3.1
Format settings, CABAC           : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames        : 4 frames
Muxing mode                      : Container profile=Unknown@3.1
Codec ID                         : V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
Duration                         : 1h 5mn
Bit rate                         : 417 Kbps
Width                            : 800 pixels
Height                           : 448 pixels
Display aspect ratio             : 16:9
Frame rate mode                  : Variable
Frame rate                       : 29.970 fps
Color space                      : YUV
Chroma subsampling               : 4:2:0
Bit depth                        : 8 bits
Scan type                        : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)               : 0.039
Stream size                      : 195 MiB (88%)
Writing library                  : x264 core 114

ID                               : 2
Format                           : Vorbis
Format settings, Floor           : 1
Codec ID                         : A_VORBIS
Duration                         : 1h 5mn
Bit rate                         : 48.0 Kbps
Channel(s)                       : 2 channels
Sampling rate                    : 48.0 KHz
Stream size                      : 22.5 MiB (10%)

ID                               : 3
Format                           : UTF-8
Codec ID                         : S_TEXT/UTF8
Codec ID/Info                    : UTF-8 Plain Text

All credit for the italian subtitles goes to Dramamania @ d-addicts
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03/06/2014 06.54 pm

It has subs for all eps.

As for the drama itself, I both liked and hated it.

Hate sad endings. Have enough of those IRL, i watch drama to see some happy endings smile1.gif
22/04/2014 03.15 pm

does this have a virus?
08/04/2014 06.19 am

I tried to play this from our TV. However, it appears that our TV doesn't support the file's audio codec Vorbis no.gif
19/02/2014 11.57 am

thank you!
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Why is it that I am not uploading anymore? I have uploaded upto 700MB only, and then it stops. It shows that I am seeding but then I am not uploading anymore. Anybody who can help me? T_T
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Episodes 1 to 14 have embedded subtitles but episode 2 and 8 are a little out of sync with the video so is there any way to fix it please.
08/11/2012 10.39 am

Could somebody pretty please seed?
Thank you very much.
21/09/2012 09.32 pm

Thank you smile1.gif I really wanted to see this one
15/09/2012 04.28 pm

hi. does anybody have a copy of the subtitiles for episodes 1-14? hope you can give me a copy.
26/08/2012 12.12 am

as always, you're the best. smile1.gif
05/08/2012 03.02 am

please seed this drama. I want to watch it so badly..sad.gifsad.gifsad.gifsad.gif
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yo guys if ur having trouble seeing subbs on ep 1 thru 15 try downloading GOM player and it should work on that wink.gif
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24/01/2012 06.45 am

thanks a lot smile1.gif
02/01/2012 08.08 am

Thank You so Much grin.gif
29/12/2011 07.41 am

Is it All in English subtitles? I only saw EP 15 - EP 20 had .srt file which is for the subtitles. Are the EP1-EP14 had already the ENG subtitles? Thanks A lot book.gif
26/12/2011 11.41 am

I'm turk (: hi everybody .. i love so much korean movies following evertime smile1.gif grin.gif
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@jprizal, I'd like to ask for a copy of the srt files for eps 1-15, may I? thank you. smile1.gif
28/09/2011 07.42 am

thank you so much for this!!grin.gif
27/09/2011 03.05 am

thank you
21/09/2011 08.34 am

where can I get subtitles for episodes 1-14? srt files starts from episodes 15-20 only
16/09/2011 03.23 am

good quality a/v = 10  grin.gif
11/09/2011 08.00 am

thank you ~ smile1.gif
06/09/2011 11.36 am

Thanx @gettora for a great upload! Great quality & the drama was WAY better than I expected it to be!
Not sure if it's the right forum, but I would also like to make a shout out to the guys working on the subs & timing! AWESOME work! You people totally rocked it! This is the best subbing & timing I've seen in quite a while, which made the show even more enjoyable! So thanx again Gettora for uploading, and HUGHE props to sub-department! Keep it up!
03/09/2011 02.50 pm

Thanks for this touching show.
24/08/2011 08.59 pm

I've downloaded this drama now. But when I watch it the whole movie get grey (but I hear the sound. Plz tell me what the problem is. I really preciate that.. cuz it happens to many of my downloaded drama.

24/08/2011 11.16 am

cool man... tnx...cool2.gif
19/08/2011 07.56 am

thanks for sharing!
17/08/2011 12.44 am

this is the best seriar i'v ever seen sooo cool and romantic ^^ THANohmy.gifKS THANKS
13/08/2011 02.19 pm

thanks for sharing! all of the files is less than 200MB. the qualities are good!
13/08/2011 09.56 am

i was able to download a subtitle for episodes 1-15...anyone wants a copy?
10/08/2011 09.40 pm

thanks for sharing...but does anybody able to get a compatible subtitle for episodes 1-15?
03/08/2011 03.11 am

man this torrent is great the files are low in volume but their quality is exceptional!!! thanks a bunch
02/08/2011 03.02 am

thanks a bunch
02/08/2011 01.38 am

million thankssmile1.gif
27/07/2011 02.28 pm

I typed "Pure love" in the search bar i got nothing. Lucky i didn't gave up because my sister wanted to watch it. Wish that this series is good.
22/07/2011 08.59 pm

Thank you,uploader,for another great series!You've done a good job,as usual!
19/07/2011 02.15 pm

nice series,,,,, tnx
10/07/2011 05.12 pm

not hardsubbed from episodes 1-14!
09/07/2011 11.35 am

Is the quality still good despite its small size? smile1.gif
09/07/2011 02.42 am

Thnks a lot. I really appreciate 450p small size format. I can only find it here. thnks uploader!
04/07/2011 04.56 am

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03/07/2011 06.41 pm

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great drama!!!.. sarang hae!!
13/06/2011 07.45 pm

  Great kdrama,great screenplay,great actors,watch it!!!
03/06/2011 01.52 pm

Thank you! You're the best! This is great quality. smile1.gif
03/06/2011 08.05 am

thx smile1.gif grin.gif
02/06/2011 06.47 am

@stryker4017 @itsmejfrancis14 All episodes have english subs, if it's not a separate file then it's mkv embedded.
02/06/2011 05.35 am

aw! im currently downloading this ..

really ? no subs in episode 1 to 14? ohmy.gif
01/06/2011 11.50 pm

ep1 to ep14 dont have english sub... only ep15 to ep20 does please fix it
31/05/2011 01.35 am

is this a good quality?
30/05/2011 12.37 am

wow !
i already watch it .
i fully recommend to watch this kdrama
i rate it 9.0/10 grin.gif
thank you uploader!