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Description Box!

Japanese Ttle: ボックス!
Romaji: Box!

Year: 2010
Country: Japan
Director: Toshio Lee
Screenwrieter: Naoki Hyakuta (novel)
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 126 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Japanese
Theatrical Release Date: May 22, 2010  


* Hayato Ichihara - Kabu
* Kengo Kora - Yuki Kitaru
* Yu Kashii - Youko Takatsu
* Mitsuki Tanimura - Satoko Maruno
* Toshio Kakei - Kantoku Saoki
* Misa Shimizu - Satoko's mom
* Mai Hosho - Kabu's mom
* Mami Yamasaki - Kabu's sister
* Suwa Masashi - Inamura

Synopsis/ Plot:
Set in a high school boxing club in Osaka, Kabu (Hayato Ichihara) is a likeable delinquent who cuts up during classes, but works masterfully in the boxing ring. Then one day on the subway, Kabu takes out three thugs who are harassing a young couple. When Kabu gets off the train, he realizes that the man being harassed is his childhood friend Yuki (Kengo Kora), who moved away several years back. To Kabu's delight he learns that Yuki has now moved back to town and is now attending the same high school as Kabu. A few days later, Kabu insists to the timid Yuki to join the boxing club. After much badgering upon Kabu's part, Yuki finally decides to take up the boxing gloves. Although Yuki is completely new to the sport, he does train with earnest determination.
Meanwhile, a local boxing tournament takes place with Kabu easily going through his opponents. That is until the championship match when Kabu faces the highly feared boxer named Inamura (Suwa Masashi). To Kabu's surprise, Inamura knocks out Kabu. The loss devastates Kabu and he quits the boxing club. Yuki, on the other hand, stays in the club and trains as diligently as ever. When Kabu finally rejoins the boxing club, Yuki and Kabu both train for the next tournament to take out Inamura, but Inamura has a surprise for the two boxers ...

1. Actor Hayato Ichihara has trained in boxing under the tutelage of ex-boxing champion Nobuyuki Tabata since August 2009.
2. Filming will begin January, 2010 and last for two months in Osaka and Tokyo.
3. "Box!" will feature many boxing scenes with the actors performing the scenes without stuntmen.

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Video Format: 720x400
Video Bitrate: 1077 kbps
Video Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
File Source: DVD Jap

Audio Codec: AC3 (Ch. 6 - 48000Hz)
Audio Bitrate: 448 kbps




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11/05/2013 10.54 pm

Thank you!!!
09/05/2013 05.21 am

Eng subs? angel.gif
27/04/2013 05.30 pm

still no subs for this movie?
20/08/2012 11.50 am

Actually the dvd does not have english subtitles. I was all over Japan a few weeks ago and where ever I went, i searched for this film. Where I found it, no english subtitles were to be found.,

All we can do is hope that some merciful soul will grant us subtitles.
06/06/2012 08.33 am

I know the DVD has english subtitles, does the uploader have this???
Or has anyone sorted the subs?
23/05/2012 10.55 pm

Still waiting patiently for subtitles. sad.gif
29/11/2011 03.52 pm

Thanks for this. I saw this on TV (paid TV) the other day, I thought I might want to look for it. Didn't know Hayato can speak in Kansai-ben. Anyway I recommend this movie, just like his other movies.
23/07/2011 09.19 pm

It's been five months and nothing has happened. Can anyone give me directions to someone who is willing to sub for money or something?
27/06/2011 09.34 pm

nope. Waiting here also sad.gif
21/06/2011 05.37 pm

Still waiting. sad.gif Have anyone found the subs elsewhere?
14/04/2011 08.07 pm

Thanks for the upload.  Just wanted to see what Mai Hosho looks like.  Cutie. !!  Subtitles would be nice.  Nihongo chotto wakirimasu.
13/04/2011 02.16 am

Doesn't seem like it, Afom.
06/04/2011 07.46 pm

Is there even a team working on subs?
20/03/2011 02.10 am

Argh, still no subs. :/
25/02/2011 11.05 am

I hope we get english subtitles soon sad.gif
19/02/2011 11.55 am

18/02/2011 01.53 am

zdzdz, I hadn't thought of that. But personally I would just split the file.
18/02/2011 01.06 am

Does anyone have a clue when the english subtitles will come out?
18/02/2011 12.06 am

Easier upload on sharing sites.
17/02/2011 11.49 pm

I thank you for the upload, but I really have to ask: what is the rationale for doing a 2 CD rip in this day and age?
17/02/2011 10.46 pm

thanks a lot for including japanese subs!!!!
love 'em!!!!
17/02/2011 10.20 pm

Cheers! beer1.gif