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Minjun works at a foreign-based M&A firm, possesses a cool personality, stays on the forefront of fashion, and flashes appeal that allows her to succeed in work and love. She eagerly awaits a vacation in Hong Kong to spend time with her boyfriend, but is left hanging alone upon her arrival. Upon closer look, it becomes painfully evident that the tides of romance are not in her favor as her true romantic success rate is zero.

However, the pain of the broken heart is short lived when she runs into, literally via car accident on her way to work in the morning, the exquisitely appointed Robin Hayden. Minjun pulls out her bag of tricks in an effort to extract herself from having to pay for his auto repairs, but finds herself one-upped by Robin, who obtains accurate evidence in a split second with his mobile phone camera and goes quietly on his way. Something about the whole situation eats away at Minjun, and the cause becomes justified as she learns that this perfect guy who came into her life so abruptly is the newly appointed CEO of her firm!! So what if he is a foreigner? He holds a JD/MBA from Harvard Law School, is fluent in five languages, and is a brilliant M&A professional. What?s more, he possesses a chiseled figure and movie-star looks that makes all the female employees wilt in his presence.

Having gotten off on the wrong foot, Minjun tries her best to avoid him, but finds herself assigned as his assistant on a new project. She endures frequent and petty criticisms along the way, and is challenged one day by this man, who is bemused by her clumsy romantic skills, when he proposes, ?Why don?t you try seducing me?? This is the final straw for Minjun and her wounded pride, and thus begins her new ambitious project.

Cast: Daniel Henney, Uhm Jung-Hwa, Holy Karrol Clark
Directed: Kim Sang-Woo
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Year Released: 2006
Also Known As: Miseuteo robin ggosigi
Runtime: 110 min
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: Korean/English (VobSub) & English (Srt)

NB: added English srt Subtitles from kloofy using Seducing.Mr.Perfect.DVDRip.XviD-PosTX [Tairo](

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Excellent movie!
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22/05/2013 04.51 pm

A Good watch grin.gif Enjoyed it ^^
I felt like it could have been longer though, I was hoping for more
05/05/2013 06.29 am

Thank you very much.smile1.gif
18/08/2012 05.03 am

thank you very much.. it's a must watch...
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i really like this movie 2 thumbs up!grin.gif
08/05/2011 02.03 am

Thanks for sharing this great movie!
28/04/2011 09.07 am

thanks! very good movie.. i love it! smile1.gif
22/04/2011 10.19 pm

Great movie! many funny parts and nice romance! Defintly a keeper!
21/04/2011 04.03 am

where's the subtitles??? i can't add them... don't know how to put the subtitles ... help please... TT^TT
06/04/2011 03.52 pm

Nice movie...
26/02/2011 03.29 pm

OMG ! ! ! I loved the end !grin.gif It seems that i must be continued.... this movie made me laugh, made me feel positiv and not giving up my expections about love. After all it's true, men cannot resist a woman's kindness, foolish sense of houmor and tenderness.... Women - we R O C K !!!tongue.giftongue.gif
23/11/2010 06.43 pm

Nice movie....  cute looking actors... smile1.gif
04/10/2010 04.51 pm

OMG! I realy love this movie!!!!!
Thank You!!
26/07/2010 04.56 pm

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16/05/2010 08.14 am

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