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Name Journey to the west [TVB] [1996][Complete Series]
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Description Journey to the west [TVB] [1996] [Complete Series]

Type: Video
Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1)
Resolution: 640x480
Frame rate: 25
Type: Audio
Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
Channels: Stereo
Sample rate: 44100 Hz
AAC extension: SBR
Description: 国语
Channels: 2
Sample rate: 44100 Hz
Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: Hard-sub Simplified Chinese


Dicky Cheung as Sun Wukong
Kwong Wah as Tang Sanzang / Golden Cicada
Wayne Lai as Zhu Bajie / Commander Tianpeng
Evergreen Mak as Sha Wujing


This series, based on the classic novel of the same title, stars Dicky Cheung as the well-loved Monkey King Sun Wu Kong. Wu Kong is a playful and proud warrior with a tendency to create chaos everywhere he goes. Deep inside, he has a good heart and Buddha recognizes it. In order to tame Wu Kong, Buddha imprisons him under the Five-Finger Mountain (五指山) for five hundred years before assigning him the task of accompanying a monk Tang San Zang on his sacred journey to the West.

Along the way, they meet the lazy Pig (Wayne Lai), who was actually a Sky Commander in his past life but sent to Earth as a punishment due to his lust, and the misguided Sha Wu Jing (Evergreen Mak). After losing to a battle with Wu Kong, both Pig and Wu Jing are accepted as disciples by Tang San Zang.

The three loyal disciples and Tang San Zang encounter numerous tests before finally succeeding in their journey.

Opening theme: "西遊記" ("Journey to the West"wink.gif by Dicky Cheung
Ending theme: "法術烏魔多" by Dicky Cheung


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18/10/2013 03.09 pm

i remember watching this on tv as a kid - good memories ^^ thank you xx
14/06/2013 02.26 pm

Thanks so much! i have been looking fr this series! i will make sure i seed the crap out of it!
14/06/2013 02.21 pm

Thanks so much! i have been looking fr this series! i will make sure i seed the crap out of it!
08/03/2013 07.31 pm

Anyone have Parts 2 or 3 to finish the series?

04/09/2012 02.54 pm

go here for hardsubbed english
01/09/2012 05.17 am

I have part 2 to this show but it is VCD, original but the quality is really bad...I can upload.
18/05/2012 05.59 am

i want eng sub please ..sad.gif i like this drama sooooo much,, smile1.gif
17/03/2012 11.06 am

need english sub please..
12/03/2012 03.13 pm

Pls upload the 2nd part of this this story a lot..thankssmile1.gif
28/01/2012 08.41 pm

my favourite show of ALL TIME
thank you so much
28/01/2012 07.42 am

OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24/01/2012 11.15 pm

Thanks for the upload; this show epitomizes my childhood!  I also wanted to second a request for Journey to the West II if you happen to have it.  Thanks!
23/01/2012 08.22 am

I want to download this but it doesn't have englush sub sad.gif but thanks for the torrent
20/01/2012 08.39 pm

I know there is a continue to this series. Are you gonna upload that too?
04/01/2012 04.45 pm

no eng. sub ???thankssad.gif
04/01/2012 11.28 am

D-addicts has this one fansubbed.

Fun series!
04/01/2012 09.43 am

Language: Cantonese
Subtitle: Hard-sub Simplified Chinese
04/01/2012 04.56 am

I remember watching a few episodes of this, and it's Cantonese. TVB is in Hong Kong. Cantonese is one of the official languages there.
04/01/2012 02.48 am

Description: 国语
Language: Cantonese

is this in mandarin or cantonese?