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Name Love in Disguise (2010)
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AKA: Lian ai tong gao
Year : 2010
Country: Taiwan
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle(s) : English
Film Genre : Comedy | Romance
IMDB : Love in Disguise
Links :

DVD Source : DVD5 Retail
Video format : AVI - X264 - 2 pass
Video Bitrate : 1784 kbps
Aspect Ratio : 2.35 : 1
Resolution : 704 x 304
Audio Format : AC3
Audio Bitrate : 192 kbps
Video Runtime: 1 hour 38 min
Frame Rate : 25 fps

Director : Leehom Wang
Cast : Leehom Wang, Yifei Liu, Joan Chen, Han Dian Chen, Khalil Fong, Zhenyu Qiao, Na Xie Yike Zeng


The movie revolves around the lives of two people: a famous pop star and a street hobo; both are played by Leehom. The lead female role in this movie will be played by Crystal Liu, who portrays a somewhat nerdy girl in the film. All in all, the movie looks like it’s going to be a romantic comedy



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Category Taiwanese Movie
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Who thanked

05/01/2014 04.46 pm

I only watch this movie because of Crystal Liu
23/08/2013 01.32 am

one of the cutest movies ever!! the song at the end made me cry and when the 2 idols play traditional instruments with a pop rock beat to it to impress the school rector i nearly fell off my chair laughing!
02/06/2012 09.40 pm

Muchas gracias por compartirla. Thanks!
12/03/2012 07.31 am

nice one! grin.gif
19/01/2012 05.36 pm

07/01/2012 08.39 am

Thank you very much.
31/12/2011 02.25 pm

I love the OST, esp. the butterfly song. Where can I get it?
17/09/2011 05.34 am

really good, funny and romantic movie. you MUST watch this! grin.gif
01/06/2011 06.59 pm

thanks a lot for sharing! smile1.gif
25/05/2011 07.40 am

thanks for the movie smile1.gif
but screen are from another movie :O
02/05/2011 08.46 am

Thx for sharing this grin.gif
17/03/2011 03.25 am

Good movie, watch it!
09/03/2011 05.32 pm

very nice film
thank you.
19/02/2011 11.38 am

I have the Arabic Subs wink.gif)
19/02/2011 02.55 am

love it1 thanks!
18/01/2011 09.49 pm

thank you very much
28/12/2010 01.31 pm

The screenshots are of different movie.... please change
04/12/2010 12.36 pm

22/11/2010 11.14 am

please help me.. i want to download a movie torrent in this website but i dont know what to do..
can anyone knows how to download a movie in this site?..
22/11/2010 11.14 am

please help me.. i want to download a movie torrent in this website but i dont know what to do..
can anyone knows how to download a movie in this site?..
22/11/2010 11.13 am

please help me.. i want to download a movie torrent in this website but i dont know what to do..
can anyone knows how to download a movie in this site?..
20/11/2010 10.10 am

This is a really cute movie and LeeHom - Yifei are absolutely adorable.

About the last song in the end credit, it was a real pain to find since I don't speak Chinese and there's nothing about it on the English spoken websites.  But after few hours searching with no result, my blind guess that it was performed by one of the cast turned out to be correct.  The song is called 'Ye Che' by Zeng Yike (the girl with the short hair in the movie)

There you go, enjoy!
16/11/2010 09.47 am

great movie, really like Liu YiFei grin.gif
16/11/2010 02.27 am

So romantic loved it.! so much! almost made me cry.cry.gif but great movie!smile1.gif
16/11/2010 12.54 am

Love This Movie smile1.gif

Thanks to for the uploadohmy.gif
06/11/2010 11.03 pm

any movie with Liu Yifei is good.
03/11/2010 06.52 am

i loved the movie!!! thumbsup.gif
03/11/2010 05.52 am

02/11/2010 06.55 pm

30/10/2010 08.07 pm

Thx alot for uploading. Just finish watching this film and the sweet feeling is still fresh in me =D
Hope everyone finds their soulmate smile1.gif
29/10/2010 12.15 pm

It seems like good movie but why I can't retrieve the subtitle ?
I played it with VLC Player. Anybody can assist me?
28/10/2010 12.20 am

nice movie.. i love it.. do someone have this movie soundtrack???
cool2.gifplzz upload it.. background music of the movie is awesome
27/10/2010 04.24 pm

thank you so much for sharing this movie
been waiting...cool1.gif
27/10/2010 04.40 am

This movie had it's funny moments, I enjoyed it, can anyone tell me what the song at the very end of the credits is sung by a female?
26/10/2010 03.26 pm

the movie isn't bad but liu yifei - so pretty! does anyone have "the love winner"?
25/10/2010 11.55 pm

Thx for this movie with the lovely Yifei smile1.gif
just the right movie to watch on my free day smile1.gif

Now I'm waiting for a german blurray-version !
25/10/2010 10.08 am

smile1.gifvery nice movie! thanks!!smile1.gif
17/10/2010 06.27 am

thank you so much...
i really wanted to see this
movie thanks again grin.gif
15/10/2010 11.23 pm

Thanks for the movie. Been waiting for it grin.gif
14/10/2010 09.28 pm

Thank you, it was a really cute movie angel.gif
11/10/2010 10.33 am

nice,amusing movie! I like it!
10/10/2010 12.36 am

very nice movie! thanks!!!thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif
09/10/2010 03.12 pm

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09/10/2010 02.53 pm

IT's not downloading on bittorrent =(
09/10/2010 10.15 am

I always love .............. love story, thanks buddy.grin.gif
09/10/2010 02.21 am

Thank you sooooo much been waiting for this grin.gif
09/10/2010 02.10 am

thanks a lot
09/10/2010 01.50 am

Thank you! I've been looking for this movie since it's been released in august cause I'm curious about lee hom's work as a director.