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Name Memoirs.of.a.Teenage.Amnesiac.2010.JAP.DVDRip.Xvid-zdzdz
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Description Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

Also Known As:
誰かが私にキスをした (Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita)

Year: 2010
Country: Japan
Director: Hans Canosa
Writer: Gabrielle Zevin (novel)
Genre: Romance / Drama
Runtime: 125 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English (Thanks to NEWShFAN)
Theatrical Release Date: March 27, 2010

   * Maki Horikita - Naomi Sukuse
   * Ken'ichi Matsuyama - Yuji Miwa
   * Yuya Tegoshi - Mirai Hasegawa
   * Anton Yelchin - Ace Zuckerman
   * Emma Roberts - Alice Leeds
   * Kate Gorney - Isabel
   * Misa Shimizu - Mrs. Hasegawa
   * Atsuro Watabe - Goro Sukuse
   * Kylee - Winnie
   * Reira - Ace's New Girlfriend
   * Shin Shimizu - Emergency Staff A
   * Cameron - Guildenstern
   * Casper Johansson - English Class Romeo / Rosencrantz
   * Julia Sniegowski - Brianna
   * Katherine Torbov - Brianna Friend B
   * Yuki Takenaka - French Class Girl
   * Arthur Rempel - Robert Sutton
   * Haruki Kimura - Bailey Plotkin
   * Reika Kirishima - Seiko Hospital Receptionist
   * Aily Roper - English Class Juliet
   * Matsumi Fuku - Lunch Lady
   * Ai Ozaki - Yu Arisa
   * Ian Moore - Mr. Weir
   * Karen Kirishima - Risa Arisa
   * Mirei Kiritani - Yumi
   * Tomotaka Kanzaki - Doctor B
   * Toshie Nagamine - Nurse B
   * Yukiko Hattori - Yuji's Mother
   * David Neale - Dr. Pillar
   * Shinya Himeda - Emergency Staff B
   * Umi Yamano - Nurse A
   * Loic Garnier - French Teacher
   * Takeshi Kubo - Doctor A
   * Yui Ozaki - Eri Arisa
   * Yoriko Kamimura - Ms. Ishibashi
   * Michelle Take - Mrs. Tarkington

Synopsis/ Plot:
Naomi is an ordinary high school student who goes to an international school. One day, she loses her memory for the past 4 years. But gradually she begins to search for her identity, and even when her memory returns, she keeps on looking for her real self, and what she truly loves in life.

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Video Bitrate: 1014 kbps
Video Frame Rate: 30 fps
File Source: DVD JAP

Audio Codec: AC-3 (Ch. 6 - 48000Hz)
Audio Bitrate: 448 kbps





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08/02/2014 05.54 pm

just watched a video of this movie on youtube and i knew i have to watch it right away smile1.gif thank you so much for uploaded this grin.gif
27/08/2013 12.03 pm

Thank you! Definitely need to have this on my movie list ^^ thumbsup.gif
15/08/2013 09.40 pm

a very pleasant watch. I didn't like the soundtrack though, made me feel like either Sarah Michelle Gellar or Michelle Trachtenberg were about to pop up anytime, yuk.

nice little flick. Thanks
12/04/2012 12.31 am

I think the movie was good, I enjoyed watching it,though, the ending was disappointing...
12/07/2011 04.53 am

i like Horikita Maki hopefully this movies is ok
30/05/2011 06.17 am

Heey. Thank you ^^
Thank you for uploading this. ^^
19/05/2011 03.43 am

Thank you very much...thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif
25/02/2011 03.12 am

aawe thank you! I've been looking forward to this! *huggles*
04/02/2011 05.31 am

i'm having trouble with the audio..can't hear the dialogues..tried playing in VLC, WMP and NERO SHOWTIME..
please help..
16/01/2011 11.40 pm

what an incredibly shitty movie (imo)....but thanks anywaz tongue.gif
16/01/2011 11.01 am

I know the girl who plays Brianna!
01/01/2011 05.39 pm

Thank you!tongue.gif
26/12/2010 10.52 pm

Im having problems with audio, goes too fast, cant watch it in any media player sad.gif
07/12/2010 06.28 pm

Thank you! wave.gif
05/12/2010 04.13 am

Thank you
18/11/2010 04.28 pm

I've watched a lot of Japanese movies before, and it's my first time to be sooo much bored watching one, kept checking how much left till the end of the movie, and then gave up on it in the middle. silly story, strange script, unreasonable plot, stupid characters ....blink.gif
04/11/2010 11.35 am

Thanks for the movie!
I haven't red the book, but I really like the plot! It's cute. smile1.gif

But ummm... well I don't know, I kinda agree with nakiami about how Maki acted here (maybe this movie is just different from her dramas I used to watch before). But, for me to be affected by what she portrayed, I think she played the role effectively.

Maki is a versatile actress and she's just becoming mature now. smile1.gif
27/10/2010 06.24 am

hmm, i watched a lot of asian film, and i never said anything bad about them only about this chinese rap kun-fu something like that, But this movie is Very Very bad one and i mean it, But i think its because im a boy and this movie is for girls, Because Maki acted like a slut. noexpression.gif
24/10/2010 01.23 am

21/10/2010 03.43 pm

merci beaucoup..thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif
20/10/2010 09.42 am

thnk you very much. im waiting for watching thiscool2.gif
15/10/2010 12.17 am

Thanks so much; I've dying to see this.
07/10/2010 11.52 pm

Thank you soo much for this, been waiting for so long. And thanks for the subs!!
07/10/2010 03.47 pm

For anyone who found the font in the subs awkward to read:

Open both .ass files with notepad or something similar and replace "ArbatDi" with "arial" or something you prefer.  It should be on the ~18th line.

05/10/2010 07.30 pm

Been wanting to see this, read about the movie while looking up Ken'ichi Matsuyama (yes I love him as L). Maki from Hana Kimi I see is in it too. Looks good. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Much appreciated!love.gif thumbsup.gif
04/10/2010 10.51 pm

Thank You^^
03/10/2010 10.33 pm

look like a long awaited movie for everyone sly.gif a must-see,thanks
03/10/2010 04.43 am

Thanks, wish i could only find the book, now... (i'm in China).wink.gif
02/10/2010 02.27 pm

laugh.gif Many many thanks zdzdz for sharing and good work ! laugh.gif
02/10/2010 06.00 am

Thank you, thank you! Loved the book and can't wait to see how it turns out as a movie.  
02/10/2010 03.09 am

finally smile1.gif
28/09/2010 10.30 am

Thank you, thank you! I was waiting for this! smile1.gif
27/09/2010 09.28 pm

I'm having audio problems too... I'm using The KMPlayer...
27/09/2010 08.06 pm

27/09/2010 05.49 pm

THANKS! grin.gif I've been waiting for this movie a long time now.
27/09/2010 05.26 pm

Thank you for this!!! thumbsup.gif
27/09/2010 12.30 pm

Have other people had problems with this? Just didn't play properly with some players for me (mpc, KMplayer). Speed was changing constantly, often being too fast :s. Luckily finally worked with VLC then. Haven't really had such problems before, so that's why it's kinda odd, wondering if there's something particularly wrong with my codecs or settings or have others also had problems.
27/09/2010 12.24 pm

27/09/2010 12.04 pm

Maki Horikita? How can I say no! thumbsup.gif
27/09/2010 10.58 am

Thanks! I've been waiting for this for months.
26/09/2010 06.55 pm

Thank you, it was a good watch.
24/09/2010 09.25 pm

Omg, thank you! Finally.
24/09/2010 06.44 pm

I'm excited to watch this. Thanks so much for sharing!! ^^
24/09/2010 01.47 pm

the plot sounds bleh but I like the cast! wink.gif
24/09/2010 10.22 am

Awesome! I had this movie book marked too! Thanks a bunch for sharing~
23/09/2010 11.08 pm

interesting premise.
23/09/2010 10.03 pm

Looks interesting, i just hope Anton Yelchin's role is minimal, that guy is seriously annoying.
23/09/2010 10.03 pm

Thank you so much, have been waiting for this. thumbsup.gif
23/09/2010 09.51 pm

WOW! Anton Yelchin (Terminator Salvation ... Kyle Reese; Star Trek ... Pavel Chekov) I'll take it! Thanks.
23/09/2010 08.25 pm

horikita maki thumbsup.gif